About Now Germany

NOW Germany is a ministry of ACT (Artist in Christian Testimony, Int’l.)


         Expressing Freedom of Grace Through Creative Arts

Ministry Objective:

  • Standing alongside fellow christians, churches, and christian organizations, throughout Germany to stir up their potential.
  • Speaking the truth of the gospel through the creative arts in order for others to experience and accept the freedom of grace.
  • Inspiring, encouraging, and drawing young people to God.


1. Motivating:

  • Listening to the personal needs and concerns of believers in regards to the nurturing and strengthening of the church/ body of Christ, using the creative perspective of the arts to reach deep, encourage them, and help them have the strength to reach out to others within the church and beyond.
  • Interacting with teenagers inside and outside the church to build up relationships, hear them out, love on them, and learn what their needs are in order to inspire them to see the living creative God and seek Him for their answers to their confusion, concern, etc.

2.  Speaking Truth through Creative Arts:

  • Using the basis of scripture through variations of art to address or challenge needs, concerns, and spiritual questions within and outside the church body
  • Establishing and training groups to use creative art forms on the street, in café’s, or in their church with the purpose of expressing the gospel message, and bringing hope of salvation to a dying world.
  • Inspiring the God given talents of young people through workshops, active involvement with youth groups, and other possible venues, to the glory of God in order to help them dare to dream, discover who they can be, and experience the creativity of God, while giving them a positive way to express themselves.

3.  Inspiring:

  • Building a bridge between God’s work in Germany and in America through newsletters, presentations, and one on one contact, in order to cast a vision for the mighty plan of God beyond the American border and stir up a hunger for both Americans and Germans to want more from God, serving Him in a deeper way here, at home, or somewhere else. Experience first hand the plan God has for the world.

To get a feel for NOW Germany and Cynthia Heflebower watch the following Presentation from the Golden Rule with Dr. rivers on Cross TV: