19, January 2012
The rustle of people and chatter of topics from music to films and the latest you tube video, still resonate in the corners of my mind. The past weeks were filled with visits from the youth so they had more of a chance to connect with Adam who is working with me for two months. The joy of the fellowship fills the silence with life and a reminder how much those here mean to me.

I praise the lord for the resources and energy to be able to cook for the teens. Now I just need to spend a day with a friend of mine to gather tips on cooking for large groups, yummy dishes which fill one up at a cheaper price. It is certainly more evident to me that if I do not make a regular point of writing you, there is so much you will miss out on from my everyday life.

Right now i’m beat from grocery shopping, preparing a message for the girl’s group age 9-14 years (Mädelschar) next week, TEN SING practice (after school creative arts program), the arrival of Shon Abram, Jugend Konvent (a collection of leaders from every youth and kids group with in the group of churches where I work), and more thoughts for the Worship evening which will be tomorrow. So I am going to say good night!


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