About Cynthia Heflebower


The day I came into the world my parents had no idea what impact their choices would have on my life.  Little did I know I would later gain such a great love for this culture and people.Born in Germany – Due to my father’s enlistment in the American Air ForceBaptized in Germany- During our family’s return for a three year stayFirst Christian mission trip- to Germany

NOW serving Germany!From the first tea party with her stuffed animals Cynthia was bound to have some creative calling.  What began as normal childhood way of life transformed into her future.  She began using her imagination to write fanciful stories and clung to the encouragement to somehow use these skills in a career. In High school she found the stage, not yet to perform anything significant, but the idea of writing theater productions.The brief dream of writing Walt Disney’s next best film was overpowered by the terrible odds of anyone even reading a screenplay, let alone having it on the big screen.  Instead the love for the stage has grown into a wild fire.  Expanding her understanding she involved herself in several musicals during college, and took a few courses as well, gathering a tid bit of experience from all sides of theater such as: costumes, set design, acting, lights, and production.

What she thought to be a pastime has become her future.  Training from and later leading the drama team at High Desert Church in California she received a better understanding of the art of acting, directing and creating.  Her short training in Mime and involvement in the High desert Players also help train her and have become the ground on which she has come to Germany.Since July 2007 she has been building relationships with the local church, learning the culture, language, and the workings of the local churches.  Her Involvement in a young girls group age 9-14, visiting and taking part in the four youth groups connected to the Luthern church of Radeberg, and co-leading an after school arts program called TEN SING, has been the conduit in which she learned from the youth in Radebergland (Radeberg and the surrounding villages) about life as a teen in Germany and the difficulties they face.